John Schneider Called “The Greatest Show-man”

Dancing with the Stars 2018
“John Schneider” and his dance Partner “Emma Slater”
delivered a Grand and Spectacular Performance Monday Night on
“Dancing with the Stars”.

The theme of the night centered around New York City,
“John Schneider” and “Emma Slater” Danced to “Sammy Davis Jr”‘s “New York my Home”.

They Danced a Charleston number that Could easily have slipped right out of a Broadway Musical that completely left the Judges with nothing but positive and excited comments.

One specifically rang the loudest for me. “Your the greatest Show-man”.

“John Schneider’s fans” have been Captivated by his Showmanship and entertainment expertise for quite a while.

Clearly there’s no secret among his loyal fans to what a spectacular Show-man and Entertainer he is, It’s such a treat to see The new versatile and brilliant performances each week on “Dancing with the Stars”.

Tune in to ABC Monday night 8/7 for next weeks Spectacular performance and remember, You will get 11 Votes next week. After you Vote for John and Emma, Save your votes on the “Dancing with the stars” site.

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“Dancing with the Stars” Country crew of the night and their Hazzardous Foxtrot

John and Emma
“Dancing with the Stars” Celebrities


Actor and Country Music Artist / Director /Producer John R Schneider and His partner Emma Slater Delivered and brought an intensely fun and nostalgic Dance interpretation of Waylon Jennings “Good ole boys” Monday night on ABC Networks Prime Time Reality show “Dancing with the Stars” 

Schneider is known for his recurring roles On “The Dukes of Hazzard” As Bo Duke who captured all of the girls hearts and attention. Later he was Cast on “Smallville” then worked on many Film and Television credits Now most recently cast by “Tyler Perry” Creator of “The Haves and have-nots”

Most beloved to him is John Schneider Studios.

His Studio Property in Louisiana is Where he produces Film and Music, Very good Film and Music  Such as his most recent Song Compilation that he Calls the “Oddessy”, which is available across all your major digital platforms such as Spotify Apple music etc.

John Schneider Showed his Awesome dance Moves on the show Monday.

Take a look Vote for John and Emma Tuesday Sept 25th 2018 Dancing with the Stars