Nanny NaNa learns about modern technology

Yes, Nana took a lesson from 3 year old Addison on how to turn on Netflix, run the TV, select her favorites, you get the picture…. crazy isn’t it? I can’t believe the things a three year old knows now days. I have been shown how to pull files up in my phone that I didn’t even know existed. I was literally Playing in mud puddles when I was three. I didn’t know anything about cell phones till around 1990, all I knew then was that they were big and bumblesome  and only really important people had them in their cars. lol. I learned to use the internet in around 1993. I learned to text in 2005. I’m 45 years old. These kids coming along today should be rocket scientists, when the grow up. Don’t y’all think that access to super intelligence will also make the generations coming along “Super intelligent”?


2 thoughts on “Nanny NaNa learns about modern technology

  1. I’m lucky I was 6 when they started putting computers in schools for kids in memphis and the screen was black and green. No color. If i had been born a few years sooner I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But lucky my generation is growing WITH technology. younger kids are growing with technology already present

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