PTSD is real among domestic violence survivors

How do you get PTSD?

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

When someone endures a traumatic experience where they experienced the Fight or Flight reaction, they will sometimes experience flashbacks of the experience.

We often see Military personnel with PTSD but so few times do people realize the impact of Domestic violence.

Verbal abuse is enough to cause PTSD in a person, Mental and Emotional abuse as well as Physical and Financial abuse can cause PTSD in its vicims.

My experience is that physical and Emotional abuse I believe are the most brutal however, all forms of abuse are wrong, and most smaller instances are blown off, and are often dismissed by victims.

Most victims do not realize the way the cycle of abuse works.

An abuser will start out in the Honey Moon phase and then progress into agitation.

Then small instances of abuse occur that make you question yourself because it is the abusers goal to break you down.

The abuses get worse and worse until something big and bad happens and then some people leave which is what I plead with victims to do, because nobody deserves to be mistreated.

It is a statistic that victims will leave 7 times before they really leave for good and it’s usually because they finally realize that the abuse is real and undeniable. .

If there is not a Domestic violence shelter in your Town or city go to the police anyway they will find the closest one for you. Your Life matters.

PTSD again results in many cases of survivors and some symptoms are flashbacks,panic attacks,psychosis, and depression.

Seek help from medical staff and police if you are in a dangerous situation and don’t be afraid to be treated for PTSD because it’s understandable that you would show symptoms of this disorder after experiencing this kind of trauma to your mind your body and your spirit.






Is God Dead ?

I always thought that this was a strange question to ponder

From a logical standpoint one would have to deduce it down to this “I think”.

Either God Exists or doesn’t, God is either a cognitive or more of a God source formula that makes the universe progress in a positive growing forward manner.

I think that originally The statement must have been a sarcastic statement regarding Jesus death. He was assumed by man to be God, because he said “if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father”.

I don’t believe it’s possible for god if God or God source exists to be dead.

Do you think this is an ignorant question that spreads around our society or do you have another view point?


Nanny NaNa learns about modern technology

Yes, Nana took a lesson from 3 year old Addison on how to turn on Netflix, run the TV, select her favorites, you get the picture…. crazy isn’t it? I can’t believe the things a three year old knows now days. I have been shown how to pull files up in my phone that I didn’t even know existed. I was literally Playing in mud puddles when I was three. I didn’t know anything about cell phones till around 1990, all I knew then was that they were big and bumblesome ¬†and only really important people had them in their cars. lol. I learned to use the internet in around 1993. I learned to text in 2005. I’m 45 years old. These kids coming along today should be rocket scientists, when the grow up. Don’t y’all think that access to super intelligence will also make the generations coming along “Super intelligent”?